With the housing slump everyone is concerned about it becomes more and more difficult to sell your home if you need to. I think a lot of the panic stems from the media and not necessarily economic conditions in certain areas. There are definitely areas in the country where the market is in the dumps, but other areas are being impacted more by the panic that the media portrays. Either way, its a little harder to sell homes these days than it has been in recent years. Having bought and sold home several times, I thought I'd share with you some tips on how to sell your home easier. 1- Color. Some might argue that neutral tones are always best. I would agree to a certain extent but I think some good color choices (on the walls)?can go a long way in your home. Extremely bright colors may not be your best option, but I think some warm greens, medium browns and even some muted earthy oranges make the home feel comfortable and livable. A home that is completely beige is boring. Do a walk through in your home and touch up any damaged walls or trim work so that your home has a fresh look. 2 - Staging. Some people just have way to much furniture and decor in my opinion. If it suits their needs while living there, great! but it makes a home feel cramped and has a negative impact on the perception buyers will have. It helps to go through your home and remove furniture that is not necessary or makes areas feel tight. You want your home to feel spacious, but you don't want to remove everything or its harder for people to imagine living there. It is also recommended by some that you remove family pictures during open houses so that buyers perceive the home as an available product for sale and not someone else home. 3- Make it look finished. Finish projects that are not done. People want to move into a home they don;t have to work on. Unfinished projects are a turn off. 4 - First Impressions are Key. Of course I will say this because we sell door hardware, but I think it is important. If you walk up to a home and the yard is a mess, the doorbell button is sun damaged and broken and the front door is shabby with an ugly, dented?brass doorknob on it - its an immediate turn off. Spend a little time cleaning up around the entrance to your home, replace the old standard builder grade door bell with a new doorbell cover, and get rid of the dated brass doorknob. Repaint your front door and install a good quality handleset. These minor and fairly inexpensive touches will drastically improve the first impression your buyer has of your home. There are a lot of other things that you can do to make your home more sellable. I think the key is doing what you can to make your home up to date and complete so the buyer does not envision a lot of work ahead of them after purchase. If it were me, I would replace all brass doorknobs because they are so dated these days. When a buyer sees the brass doorknobs the perception is low end and cheap because it was the builder standard for so many years. We rarely sell brass anymore unless it is vintage hardware for an historic type home. We have some great deals on egg shaped knobs or good quality door levers that are fairly inexpensive and would be a drastic improvement over the builder grade brass. You can also give your kitchen (another key area of the home)?an updated look with nickel or oil rubbed bronze cabinet knobs or pulls. You can spend a few hundred dollars on hardware or lights in main rooms and make your home much more desirable. When the housing market is in a slump, little things like this can go a long way to help your home stand out among all the rest.