If you've had a skeleton key lock in one or more of your doors for quite a long time, now may be the moment for a change in hardware. Thankfully, we have the resources you need to make an educated change. We're here to help you find the right type of skeleton key lock for your needs and provide a few tips before installation.

Things to Know Before You Install a Skeleton Key Lock
Before you get started, and to avoid ordering the incorrect type of lock to fit your door, it helps to know exactly what a skeleton key lock is. A skeleton key works on all skeleton key type locks, and though they aren't as commonly used these days, they remain a popular choice to match with other types of vintage or antique door hardware.  It's important to keep in mind that these locks and keys are best suited for an antique aesthetic and will be a subtle yet novel detail for any room or home aiming for that look.

The majority of skeleton key locks are large and square-shaped and will not often fit in a standard door. Most of these locks require special door preparation to fit the item within the door that the knobs attach to, also known as a mortise box. A standard door preparation involves a circular, bored-out hole with a 2 1/8" diameter and a 1" diameter cross bore. It is extremely important to verify that you have the right door or have made the right modifications to a door to allow for the mortise box.

Finding the Right Lock Box for a Skeleton Key
While there are a wide number of skeleton key lock boxes, we highly recommend the Nostalgic Warehouse Mortise Lock Box. You can modify the finish of these lock boxes from a list of differently colored and textured finishes to best match the piece of door hardware you plan on installing it on to. Nostalgic Warehouse also offers several styles of door knobs, such as porcelain, crystal, and brass that will all work with your lock box.

These premium reproductions are designed to be significantly high in quality and work fantastically on any door designed for mortise lock boxes. Every Nostalgic Warehouse Mortise Lock Box comes with a latch kit, two skeleton keys, a warranty, and a guarantee provided by Nostalgic Warehouse that this product will be defect-free when it arrives to you.

Considering the wide variety of design options, we're confident that we have the right selection of designs for your project. Remember to pre-measure your antique hardware to ensure that a new lock box will fit effectively. If you have any questions regarding the Nostalgic Warehouse Mortise Lock Box or any of our other fine door hardware products, please contact us. We're eager to help you with your next project.