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Step 1: Measure Your Bore Hole
Standard Door Preparation for Deadbolts

Most doors are drilled with the same standard bore hole diameter that the majority of brands are designed to fit. This standard door preparation is a 2 1/8" diameter bore hole with a 1" cross bore. To measure your bore hole, just hold up a measuring tape or ruler across the bore hole as shown in the graphic above. The 2 1/8" is 2 little marks past the #2 on your measure tape (also shown in the image). There are standard backsets too, but we'll get to those on the next page. Choose from the options above and we'll direct you further to find what you need.

I have a standard sized bore hole.
My doorknobs bore hole is smaller than standard
My Door is Prepped with  3/4
I have an old Skeleton Key Style lock.
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What Standard Door Prep Looks Like
Standard Door Preparation for Deadbolts
Helpful Terms for Replacing Doorknobs or Levers
Helpful Terms for Replacing your Door Knobs or Levers