Vintage (or antique) door knobs go way way back. We can all picture a style in our heads of what one might look like or maybe one we have seen in the past. These are the kind of door knobs I have always loved, even before I was a part of Direct Door Hardware. I just now thought of a time when I was young and my parents wanted to buy a new home and I would ask them what the door knobs looked like in each house they went to tour. I remember them thinking it was so funny that I really wanted to know what the door knobs looked like. And now, I work for a place where door hardware is ordered and shipped on a daily bases. A little ironic. If someone were to mention vintage door knob, the first style that pops into my head are the porcelain door knobs (my favorite), then I think of the crystal door knobs. There are other styles too like brass that have fancy designs engraved on them, or just simple style ones with a big rectangular backplate. The list goes on and on. Maybe you have an older home with some of these old antique or vintage style door knobs that need replacing, not the mechanism, just the door knob. You can do just that. Nostalgic Warehouse offers door knobs only with a spindle of your choice (standard, mortise, privacy, or dummy), making it easy to replace your old door knobs without having to buy all new mechanism and going through the hassle of  installing it all.  width= NOTE: It's important to know that we do not guarantee that these will fit all the brands out there and some brands may have their own design, so please make sure to take measurements of your existing antique or vintage hardware to be certain you order the correct size of spindle. Nostalgic Warehouse hardware has a 20% restock fee. You can see all the Nostalgic Warehouse door knob and spindle only options here. If you need to replace your entire vintage mechanism and door knob and your door knob uses skeleton keys, you can find all the hardware here.