Over the years I have had many customers ask if they can just keep their old door hardware, but have it refinished. Most of us really don't have hardware that is all that unique so it's probably better to replace with new door knobs and recycle the old at the scrap metal shop because the cost to refinish would be much more than the cost of brand new door locks. Occasionally though, someone has a piece of hardware that is unique, historical, or maybe their front door is unique or very valuable and the best option is to replace the hardware with the exact same so that no drilling or further damaging the door is required. Recently I found a shop in Glencoe, ?IL that specializes in refinishing door hardware among other things. If you have some antique hardware that you would just prefer to keep, check out International Silver Plating Inc.. We've never had them refinish anything for us, but it sounds like they have been doing it for 80 yrs so they might just be a good place to start. If you want replacement antique knobs or have ?a new home that you would like to install antique looking door hardware in, be sure to check out our selection of Antique Style Door Hardware.