Are you trying to sell your home? Do you have the old polished brass doorknobs and fixtures from the 80's and 90's? This is a common dilemma that many people face when trying to sell their home. My brother is in the market for a home so recently I have been looking at several homes with him. I'm amazed at how little effort people put in to selling their homes. There have a couple of homes that could probably sell for 5-10k more if the owner would spend a?couple hundred dollars on some minor things like the yard and you guessed it - doorknobs. We just went to look at a home the other night. The owner had made some repairs on the old home replacing some doors - a great idea. Unfortunately he forgot to finish. Several doors in the home did not even have doorknob on them, and those that did were old polished brass, slightly painted and even broken. Of course being a knob salesman I think this is a bad idea, but I think most Realtors would agree that it gives a home an unfinished feel, and broken knobs can have a negative effect on the home buyers impression of the home. In this case the owner could have spent $30-40 to have working knobs on every door, or he could have spent about $150-200 to replace all the brass with a more modern popular finish. The result, a much cleaner look, better quality feel and a home that looks 10 yrs newer. My opinion may be biased, but having worked for a home builder for many years and having built and sold several homes myself... I know that people notice the things they can see and feel. Some?nice paint, and good looking hardware make a big difference on the perceived value of a home. More and more realtors are starting to buy hardware packages from us to give the homes they sell a pretty inexpensive facelift that makes the home more sellable, and adds value. Some of our more popular knobs that are fairly inexpensive and easy to install are found here: Sure-Loc Tahoe Round Knob Sure-Loc Durango doorknobs Sure-Loc Egg Shapped Knobs Weslock Impresa Knob