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Privacy locks are available in several different configurations to accommodate your own preferences or style. Privacy door locks are generally used on bedrooms, bathroom, or doors where privacy is desired, but you don't necessarily need the security and expense of a keyed lock. Privacy door locks generally can be easily unlocked from the outside if needed using a generic tool, hair pin or small flat head screw driver. For a better clarification of the different types of privacy locks, please refer to the photos and descriptions below.

Turn Button Privacy Locks

Privacy Lock with Turn Button

Turn button privacy locks are the most common, especially door hardware in the more affordable price points that most of us have in our homes. To lock, simply turn the button from the inside of the door. From the outside they can be unlocked using a generic tool (generally provided with the lock) or hairpin. To unlock, turn the button from the inside.

For this Type of Privacy Lock, Choose: Schlage, Weiser, Kwikset, Sure-Loc

Push Button/Pin Privacy Lock with Panic Release

Privacy lock with Push Pin

Push button or push pin privacy locks have a push button or pin on the rosette that can be locked by pushing the button or pin in. These types of privacy locks have the added feature of a panic release. This means that to unlock all you have to do is turn the lever or knob from the inside and the door will unlock. This is a nice feature in the case of an emergency, but is also a nice convenience. These are also unlocked from the outside in an emergency with a generic tool or hairpin.

For this Type of Privacy Lock, Choose: Weslock, Nostalgic Warehouse, Emtek, Grandeur, Omnia, Baldwin,

Privacy Bolt with Lever or Knob

Privacy Bolt

If you're willing to spend a little extra to get different look, you can also use a privacy bolt with a regular passage lever or knob. A privacy bolt is similar to a deadbolt, but it doesn't require a key from the outside. You can use a flat screwdriver to turn open the lock from the outside if you need to. Privacy bolts require more prep work, and they are generally not a standard bore size so you may have some special door preparation to do, but the end result is a refined, high end look.

For this combination, search for privacy bolt, then find a lever or knob style you like in a passage function.

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