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PHG Advantage 4000 Series Door Closer

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PHG Advantage 4000 Series Door Closer
4000 Series Door Closer shown in Aluminum


PHG Advantage 4000 Series Door Closer

The PHG Advantage 4000 is a medium duty door closer ideal for less traffic door areas but equipped for more traffic than a PHG 2000.

It is shipped with the standard arm and parallel bracket and full plastic cover. The PHG Advantage 4000 has a hold open arm for convenience.

PHG Advantage 4000 Features

- BHMA Certified

-Meets ADA requirements

-Power Size 4000, Medium duty

-Non-handed, Tri-pack included for all application

-ANSI Grade 2, UL-Listed

PHG Advantge 4000 Specs

-Standard arm with full plastic cover

-Made of an alluminum alloy body with a forged steel arm, heat treated forged steel piston and a double heated steel pinion.

-Alluminum, Duronotic, and Gold Finishes.

- Triple Valve for closing speed, latching speed, and back check.

-Staked valve for power adjustment.

- Includes Self-tapping wood screws, machine screws, and sex bolts.

Advantage 4000 Series Specs Sheet

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Price (USD)$44.75

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