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PHG 4 Inch Residential Ball Bearing Hinge 5/8 Inch Round Corner (pair)

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PHG 4 Inch Residential Ball Bearing Hinge 5/8 Inch Round Corner (pair)
PHG Ball Bearing 4 INch Hinge with 5/8 Radius Corner


Sold in PAIRS and includes matching screws  
4" x 4" Ball Bearing Hinge Available Finishes

This hinge is for residential applications only. All steel base material. Non-removable steel pins are available for $1.00 -- call for details. Heavy 0.087 Gauge(2.2mm) thickness. Five knuckle design. Also available with 1/4" round corner. For doors equipped with automatic closer or high traffic, use ball bearing hinge.

RH75 Residential Door Hinge Specs
4" x 4"
#9 x 1" OR #9 x 3/4"


Antique Brass Satin Chrome Bright Chrome Black Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze Satin Nickel Polished Brass Satin Brass
*Above images do not represent this product. They are intended to show available finish options only.



Sold in PAIRS and includes matching screws

Choose Options:

Non-Removable Pin
Price (USD)$12.09

Ships Direct From PHG. Please allow 3-4 Days Before Shipment.

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All About Residential Door Hinges  

There are many types of door hinges available for different applications on residential doors. This guide and the charts at right are intended to help you select the appropriate hinges for your door and is stated as suggestion only.
The best way to replace existing hinges is to buy the same size and quantity of hinges you already have on your door. Below are a few things to consider before buying hinges for a new door or replacing old hinges.

Hinge Material
Door hinges are generally made in three types of material. The most commonly used is steel. Steel Hinges are very strong and inexpensive. They are usually plated with other materials (brass, nickel, bronze), and are available in many finish options. Solid Brass Hinges are also strong but will not rust or corrode as steel will over time. Solid brass hinges have the most beautiful appearance and can outlast steel plated hinges by many years. Stainless Steel Hinges are stronger than steel and are resistant to rusting and are available in a brushed or polished stainless finish.

Hinge Bearing Types

Many door hinges for standard applications are plain bearing hinges, meaning that the hinge knuckles bear on each other. Plain bearing hinges are less expensive and work great for lighter or limited use doors. Hinges do wear out over time especially on high-use doors and heavy or wide doors such as an entry door. An upgrade to the plain bearing hinge is the Ball Bearing Hinge which has small ball bearings between the hinge knuckles to reduce friction. Ball bearing hinges increase the life of the hinge, tend to be quieter, and make the door easier to open.
Door Thickness Hinge Size
1-3/8" 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" Hinges
1-3/4" 4" x 4" Hinges
2" 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Hinges
2-1/4" to 2-3/4" 5" x 5" Hinges
over 2-3/4" 6" x 6"


Door Height Number of Hinges
Up to 60" 2 Hinges
60" to 80" 3 Hinges
80" to 97" 4 Hinges
97" to 109" 5 Hinges
Over 109" 6 Hinges

Heavy Duty Hinges
Hinges are sometimes catagorized as standard or residential duty hinges and heavy duty hinges. The difference between a standard duty hinge and a heavy duty hinge is the thickness of the plate material the hinge is made of. Heavy duty hinges can be used for doors that are heavier or wider. Ball bearing hinges are an upgrade from heavy duty hinges and are also constructed of thicker material.

Door Hinge Corners
There are three styles of door hinge corners. Square, 1/4" radius corner, and 5/8" radius corner. For a good fit, make sure you get the right hinge corner style for your door. You can use some spare change to determine the radius on your hinges. The 1/4" radius is close to the size of a dime if you hold it up to the corner of the hinge. A 5/8" radius is close to the size of a quarter. On wood doors you can always "square" the corners on your door and jamb with a sharp chisel.
Some hinges are square on one leaf and rounded on the other. This hinge is frequently used for steel or fiberglass doors hung on a wood jamb. These hinges are available in several finishes and they are handed so you'll want to make sure you order accordingly.

Spring Loaded Door Hinges

Spring Door Hinges are used to create a self closing door. Some areas require a fire door between a garage and living area to be self closing. These hinges are heavy duty steel hinges and are available in many finishes. You can adjust the tension on the spring for door size and weight. Most exterior doors will require two spring hinges to close properly.

Non-removable Hinge Pin (NRP)
Non-removable pins are used on the hinges of outswinging doors to prevent intruders from tapping out the hinge pins and pulling the door off it's hinges. The hinge pin will have a groove in it which is locked in place by a set screw. The set screw is positioned so that it can only be accessed when the door is opened. Any of our Emtek Hinges (except Emtek spring hinges) can be ordered with non-removable pins.
Hinge Accessories
We have many hinge accessories available to create your own custom look including hinge pin ball tips, steeple tips, and hinge pin door stops.


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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
a big step up for my new entry door. Inexpensive. Highly recommend. La Paz
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 5 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Scottsdale. on 1/31/2015
5 Stars
I purchased these hinges to alleviate the problem of black "dust" from cheap hinges getting all over my white door frames and baseboards. These hinges have done the trick. They are easy to install, make the door operate smoother and no more dirty baseboards. They are great.
Did you find this helpful?  0 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Arizona. on 5/5/2018
5 Stars
Good Quality
Good quality product.
Did you find this helpful?  0 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from FW IN. on 1/16/2018
5 Stars
Very good product. Easy to install, works smoothly, and removed the squeaks produced by the cheaper hinges that were originally on the door.
Did you find this helpful?  0 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Pottsville, TX. on 10/10/2017

[productqa_] Questions and Answers

Question Is this hinge ul listed and if so is it stamped on hinge?
Asked by:  - 2/5/2016
Question These particular hinges are not UL listed. If you want hinges in the same size that are you can check out these spring hinges: Answer provided by:  Jake L (2/5/2016)
Question i am looking for hinges for an exterior residential door that opens out. All other security hinges start squeeking after a short period of time. Are these recommended for this application?
Asked by: RJames - 5/17/2016
Question I think the best solution for you to eliminate the squeaking would be to use a ball bearing hinge. So yes, i think these would be a good solution. Answer provided by:  Jake (5/17/2016)
Question Do these hinges come in set of two? I need three hinges can I purchase three hinges separately? I also want the removable pin, where it says non removable pin would I check no? Thanks
Asked by: Mark Angello - 8/15/2016
Question The manufacturer sells these as pairs. So if you need 3 hinges you will need to order 2 pair - giving you 4 hinges. If you want the non removable pin you, under the non-removable pin menu you would choose 'yes'. Answer provided by:  Jake (8/15/2016)
Question only need three hinges can I get three or do I have to buy four? ( two in a box ) Thanks
Asked by: neal pearce - 2/22/2017
Question These are sold in pairs. So if you need three hinges you would need to order two pair. Unfortunately this would leave you with an extra hinge. This is how the manufacturer sells these. Answer provided by:  Jake (2/22/2017)
Question i have a door that has 3 hinges (top, bottom, middle). When the info reads "sold in pairs and includes matching screws", would i need 3 "pairs" of hinges for my door? to me, a hinge consists of 2 halves. a pair of hinges is 2 hinges consisting of 4 halves. thanks...
Asked by: jewell - 9/22/2017
Question These are sold in pair which is 2 hinges. So if your door has 3 hinges you would need to order 2 pairs. This would leave you with an extra hinge. Answer provided by:  Jake (9/22/2017)
Question is the phg4 hinge suitable for exterior metal doors? If not can you recommend one in polished brass
Asked by: Alan - 7/12/2018
Question Yes, these are most commonly used on exterior doors. Answer provided by:  Jake (7/12/2018)
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