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PHG Advantage 3000 Series Door Closer

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PHG Advantage 3000 Series Door Closer
3000 Series Door Closer shown in Aluminum


PHG Advantge 3000 Series Door Closer

The PHG Advantage 3000 Series Door Closer is a light duty door closer with a pull side and top jamb hold-open arm. This ships with a full plastic cover along with a standard arm and parallel bracket.

PHG Advantge 3000 Features

-Meets ADA requirements

-Power size 3000 is light duty

-BHMA certified

-ANSI Grade 2, UL-Listed

-For all application Tri-pack is included

PGH Advantage 3000 Specs

-Standard arm with full plastic cover

-Aluminum, Duronotic, and Gold Finishes

-For power adjustment there is a staked valve. For closing speed, latching speed and back check there is a triple valve control

- made from an alluminum alloy body, forged steel arm, heat treated forged steel piston and a double heated steel pinion.

Advantage 3000 Series Specs Sheet

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Retail Price: $53.78
Price (USD)$45.71

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[productqa_] Questions and Answers

Question Is there a way to adjust the tension on these? We may need lighter tension so that elementary children can get in and out of the bathroom. I see there are ways to change the setting for the sweep and close speed, but how about the actual force needed to push it open.
Asked by: Chuck - 9/21/2015
Question Unfortunately this model does not have a force adjustment. You would need to get the 5000 series or an LCN 4400 closer. Answer provided by:  Jake (9/21/2015)
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