"So my brother is just finishing his home up. He has done nearly everything himself since he has been in the construction business for nearly 10 yrs now. Its actually pretty cool because he's?NOT one?of those guys that just knows how to do a lot of things in a mediocre fashion. On his home, everything from the concrete to the framing to the finish work and counter tops are done professionally well. He just has the carpenter blood in his veins I guess. Anyway, he's in a pinch to get everything completed for a final inspection so I ran down to help him install his door hardware [which of course he purchased from directdoorhardware.com]. He?chose some nice Emtek providence Door Knobs and some bath hardware from Emtek and Rusticware. So it took me much longer than it generally would since my left arm is in a cast (see previous post). My point, if I can install this stuff with the hindrance of a cast on one arm any of you that may be reading this can install door or bath hardware yourself too. By the way, both brands are quite easy to intall. If you do it right you'll end up with some nice solid towel bars and paper holders. I hate it?when you buy a new paper holder or towel ring that just comes right off the mounting bracket because they are designed poorly. Oh, and a tip... if you ever buy bathroom accessories that come witht he basic drywall ancors, I'd recommend buying some of the bigger drywall anchors with big threads on them - they end up nice and solid. And, they are easier to install in the wall."