"We have had several inquires about our Nostalgic Warehouse line of door hardware. So here is the scoop on what they offer. Yes, they will work on your modern style doors! The idea behind Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware is to provide vintage looking hardware for replacements of vintage hardware, or as an alternative to new door applications. These vintage style doorknobs can be installed on modern doors to give your new home an old world look and feel. These knobs are available in 5 different functions: 1) Mortise Lock - this is the replacement for old hardware. A mortise lock function comes with a mortise Body: W- 3"" H - 4"" Thickness - 9/16"". Face 7/8"" x 6""/ 2 1/4""backset. This is a rectangular box that will replace the old old style hardware and comes with a skeleton key to unlock the door. These are great for replacement hardware on interior doors, but are not meant to be used as locking doors on an exterior. 2). Privacy - the privacy knobs are generally used on a bedroom or bath. They are lockable, but unlocked with a generic pin - not a key. To lock, you press in a pin located on the backplate to the side of the knob. To unlock from the inside, you pull the pin. From the outside, you can use a generic tool provided to unlock through a small hole on the backplate opposite the locking pin on the inside. 3) Passage - these knobs do not lock. Since Nostalgic Warehouse does not have a locking knob, they generally use a passage knob in conjuction with a deadbolt, or they do offer handlesets for exterior doors. 4) Single Dummy - This is just a face mounted knob and backplate. These are generally used on doors that are not bored with a hole for a Door Knob. 5) Double dummy - Same as a single dummy, but sold as a pair so you can get enough for both sides of the door, or a pair of french doors. The nostalgic Privacy and Passage sets include the knobs and backplates for both sides of the door, the latch, strike plate and necessary mounting screws. The knobs are available in many configurations?as you can see at the following URL: http://www.directdoorhardware.com/Nostalgic_Warehouse.htm Most of the Nostalgic line will ship in about 3 days as the orders are put together upon order placement. The reason being, they offer so many variations that they cannot possibly have every configuration ready to go in the box. Expidited shipping options are available in the event that you are pressed for time. An added bonus, since these knobs are put together specifically to fulfill each order, you can mix finishes if you like at no additional charge. As these knobsets are a little more complicated to install than the average knob, we have written some installation help articles at the following URLs: http://www.directdoorhardware.com/nostalgic_warehouse_installation.htm Installing a door latch with Attached Mortise Plate Should you have any questions regarding these great products, please let us know."