Door hardware is more complicated that you might think. Take handlesets for instance. You can buy them in a single cylinder, double cylinder or dummy function. You can select from many different interior knob or lever options and a lot of times you can also do a different finish on the inside than the out. You can also buy some with an interconnect device, different backsets, different door thicknesses. Making all of these options available on our website is possible, but would be confusing for the vast majority of shoppers. Over the years we have learned the most effective way to list handlesets (and other items) so that it's easy for customers to understand how to order. Sometimes having more information or options that only 5% of customers care about is less effective than just providing options that 95% of customers want. Even still, we toy with products like these to optimize and hopefully make them as easy to order as possible. Soon we'll be releasing new product pages for all of our handlesets that will make ordering easier and hopefully eliminate occasional issues.