Pocket doors are lots of times necessary for some homes and if that's true, then it's necessary to find some hardware to go along with it. There is basic pocket door hardware that you will be able to find pretty much anywhere that looks just fine. Basic square shape with any basic finish to match the rest of your hardware, and works/looks just as good as any other type of pocket door hardware around. What if you are looking for something a bit different? More modern, decorative, simple, whatever you want to call it... I think everyone likes something a little different every once in a while. If you check out some of Linnea's Pocket Door Hardware, you will see what I'm talking about. So here is a little taste of what a regular pocked door lock would look like... em2101 See, it's just dandy! This is the Emtek Passage Pocket Door Lock, and it comes in several finishes to match with your existing hardware. There are also more pocket door locks you can check out here. So as you can see the what I like to call "regular" pocket door locks are pretty basic, and square. Nothing all that fancy about them. They look just fine for any pocket door. Now check out the Linnea, PL160R-PAPL160R-PRThe ones shown above are the Linnea PL-160S Round Passage and Privacy. They are totally different. They look very subtle and stylish. The finishes available are Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, or Oil Rubbed Bronze. Now check out the square style, The Linnea PL-160S Sqyuare passage or privacy. PL160S-PAPL160S-PR What's really cool about the privacy's of either the square style or round style is that you can choose they style of turn piece. The turn pieces above are the standard "straight turn piece". There is also the ADA style of turn piece or the Drop style turn piece. pocket door lockADA Turn Piece new pocket Drop Turn Piece

You can also find an Edge Pull from Linnea, which is helpful to get the door out of the pocket. Pushing at the top exposes the little finger hook, and then simply pull the pocket door out. The edge pulls are mainly used on passage doors. They don't have any type of lock system.