I have been asked a few times before if we have any kind of barn door sliding hardware on the site and I had to sadly tell the poor customers no we do not. Sliding barn doors are becoming popular in more and more houses. Kinda like the above picture. This barn door was made out of reclaimed barn wood and the pull is made out of 3/4" gas pipe and fittings - it really makes this home look cool! It's as convenient as a sliding wall, but way way more stylish. Barn doors are just like pocket doors, which are convenient and space saving. You can divide the rooms or open it up to make a great big room. I think the look alone is enough, but it is also usable.

The sliding barn door hardware shown in the picture is a brand called Leatherneck. And this really adds to the rustic look. It's specifically called flat track sliding hardware by Leatherneck. It's great for unique interior and exterior applications. Used for barn doors, hotels, cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries, loft apartments, rustic kitchens and log homes. The track can be customized to fit your needs. The Leatherneck sliding hardware comes standard in the standard black finish, but you can request weathered, black with clear coated wheel, machine polished, painted bronze, unfinished, powder coated black, brushed stainless steel, mill finish stainless steel, and clear coated finishes. There are many different hanger styles to choose from in either the 400lb door track category or the 800lb door track category.

We get to tell you now that we have sliding barn door hardware available! We do not quite have the Leatherneck brand hardware on the site yet. We have Leatherneck hardware on the site now! For more detailed information such as pictures of the finishes and hanger styles and more check here. If you are at all interested in buying Leatherneck hardware, we would love to help you by phone if it's not yet on the site (it should be soon!). Call us at 307-886-9449!