What are Interchangeable Cores?

EverestICCoreInterchangeable cores, or ic, have a figure 8 shape and can be removed from a lock and can be replaced by another core while this one is installed into a whole different lock.  
**You can order interchangeable cores alone or if you need commercial locks that have interchangeable cores (IC ready locks) we also have those available (just click on the 'With Interchangeable Core' under 'Narrow By Style' on the left hand side of the commercial locks page I linked you to).

What is the Purpose for Interchangeable Cores?

Interchangeable cores are commonly used on commercial applications and are readily adapted for master keying, which means several locks can be keyed differently, but have one master key that is able to open all of the locks. Interchangeable cores can be set up with spare cores and keys for an easy and quick replacement just in case there was a problem security wise, such as when a key was lost or stolen - Or just for an example, if employed construction workers were allowed access but have finished their work, it may be a good idea to get some new keys. Extracted cores can be recombinated and placed back into storage for future use.  

How does an Interchangeable Core Work?

Basically you have the figure eight shaped core that you can order with or without the lever/knob lock and with that comes the keys. The most important key that comes with the interchangeable core is the control key, which makes the interchangeable core extract from the lock. Without the control key you will not be able to remove the core from the lock. The control key will not activate your lock, it is only used for removing the core from the lock. Just insert the control key and rotate the key and pull and the entire interchangeable core will come out of the lock with the key. It makes it a really simple and quick way to replace for new locks if needed.