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Measure your door for the right size of kickplate. Measuring for a kickplate is very easy. The main thing to remember is that on an exterior door you have weather stripping around the perimeter. You don't want to order a kickplate that is the exact measurement of your door, or it won't close properly. Also, it just looks nicer if there is a reveal around the kickplate as it sits on the door. So to find the right fit, first measure the overall width of your door (A). Most exterior doors are 36" wide and the standard width kickplate for that door would be 34 inches (B). The height of your kickplate (C) really depends on your door style and your own personal preference. Doors that have design panels on them may have limited space on the bottom. You will want to measure the distance from the bottom of the door to the bottom of the first door panel.
If this measurement is 8" you will probably want a 6" high kickplate.. this would give you a nice even reveal around the entire kickplate. Standard kickplate heights are 6" and 8". If you have a lot of room below your design panels, it's really just your personal preference as to the size. If you want a custom width or height, contact us to order a custom kickplate. We can make all kinds of sizes and finishes. (Custom Kickplates are not returnable and generally take several weeks to get made). We have kickplates available in all kinds of finishes to coordinate with you existing hardware, or if you'd like to replace your door hardware as well, we'd love to help you with that.
How your kickplate comes packaged. Once your kickplate has arrived you will notice that it is packaged with some kind of ridgid material to keep it from getting damaged. Sometimes strips of wood, masonite or some other product that will keep the package from flexing too much. The kick plate will also have an adhesive film applied to the surface. This film is attached really well and will vary in color. We often have customers call us upon receipt thinking we shipped them the incorrect color, but they just hadn't removed the protective film. We recommend pealing this back on the corner upon receipt just to make sure we haven't made an error, but leave the protective film on until you are ready to attach to your door with screws. The screws are generally taped to one side of the kickplate in a bag.
Center the kickplate on the door. After you have removed the packaging, place the kickplate on the door and center it top and bottom. Installing your kick plate will be much easier if you can remove your door and place it on some saw horses or even on the floor. Although kickplates can be installed on a door that is already hung. If you don't want to remove your door, here is a simple tip to help make the installation easier. Determine the distance from your threshold to the bottom of where you want your kickplate to be and cut some scrap pieces of wood you can place there to hold the kickplate in place as you attach it with screws. It is preferable and easier to get the kickplate installed well if the door is removed from the jamb.
Measure the area around the kickplate to make sure the kick plate is centered. Use a measure tape to make sure the kickplate is centered before you attach it to the door. You may want to use a pencil to mark the sides and top so you can see where it needs to be and hold it in place as you attach the kick plate. Attach the kickplate with screws on the four corners first and then attach those in between. This method helps make sure the kickplate does move slightly as you move down the line of mounting screws. Once it's completely attached, remove the protective film. If you've purchased a kickplate for the inside of the door, repeat the same process.
Kickplate installed on the door. Hang the door back up and remove the protective film if you have not already. Installing a kick plate is really easy and will protect your door from the abuse it will receive over years of use.

Need Many Kickplates for a Large Project?

We supply large kickplate orders all the time. From university dorm room complexes, to hospitals, to franchises and even Federal buildings; we have the kickplates to fit the job. Stainless Steel kickplates are probably the most affordable and popular for commercial jobs, but we quite often provide clear plastic kickplates for many projects. Or, if you need more of a high end look for your project, we have many other finishes to accommodate the design style.

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