Sliding barn doors have become a popular addition to many homes to provide a rustic charm. These doors are stylish and functional, and work best for closets, pantries, and home offices. Sliding barn doors can be used for any room, and no matter where you put them, you want to be sure you have measured the space correctly. That is why we want you to know how to measure for a barn door.

  1. Surveying the Location

Considering the amount of space above and on the sides of the opening to your room are important. You want to be sure there is enough space for your hardware to fit above the door opening to hold your barn door, as well as enough space on the sides to accommodate opening the door. A six-inch space above the door is ideal, but you can find hardware that will work in less space. Be sure there is nothing that would interfere with the opening and closing of your door, such as thermostats or light switches.

  1. Measuring the Doorway

Knowing how wide your doorway is will determine what size barn door you will want. Measure from the left edge of the opening to the right edge, then add between four and six inches to your measurement. This will allow your barn door to cover an additional two to three inches of space on either side of the doorway, providing some privacy. You will also want to measure from the header of your doorway to the ground, taking into consideration where you will install the track for your barn door. Give yourself at least a half inch of space between the ground and your barn door to make opening and closing the door as smooth as possible.

  1. Finding the Right Track

Now that you know the correct dimensions for your barn door, you will want to find out what size track you will need. Double the width of your doorway opening to find the right track size to properly accommodate your barn door.