Once you have determined that you have enough space for a sliding barn door, it is important you know how to hang a barn door. The process is straightforward, but it is important to be as precise as possible to ensure a smooth installation.

  1. Prepare Backing Boards if Needed

When you measured for your barn door, you would have determined if you needed to install a backer board for your track. If so, prime and paint the board to match either the trim in your home or the door itself.

  1. Find and Mark Studs

Using your stud finder, find and mark any studs above your doorway. Start three or four inches above the hinge side of your door opening and continue for the length of your backer board. Once they have been marked on your wall, hold the backer board to the wall and add the stud locations to your backer board.

  1. Pre-Drill Holes and Attach Backer Board

With the stud locations marked on your backer board, it is time to pre-drill holes. Drill two holes at each stud location. Next, clamp your track to the board and drill starter holes at each hole in the track.

  1. Attaching to the Wall

With your holes pre-drilled, attach your backer board to the wall at the stud locations using a wood screw. Next, attach the metal track to your backer board and install stoppers on each end of the track.

  1. Attaching Barn Door

Lift the barn door and place its wheels into the track. With the barn door hanging, test it to ensure it opens properly. With that confirmed, install door guides to assist with keeping your door from wobbling while opening.

Once you have followed these steps, congratulations on your new barn door! This stylish and functional addition to your home will give you a great rustic look in any room.