Whether you're replacing old cabinetry or building a new home, the choice of pull handles or knobs is an important one as you decide on finishing touches. Luckily, this is something that can be decided after cabinetry has been installed or remodeled. There are no true benefits in choosing one over the other, but rather, this choice boils down to aesthetic preference. Many prefer knobs for cabinet doors and pulls for drawers, but the opposite may appeal to others more. Here are a few questions to have in mind that may help you make your decision between pulls and knobs.

  1. How Are Your Cabinets Shaped?

It's a good idea to stay consistent with the lines of your cabinetry, kitchen lighting, and countertops. Are their designs more curved or square? You may ask, "What constitutes square and curved styles?" A few examples of curved cabinetry styles are raised panel doors, beaded interior or exterior profiles, and pillow-top doors. When choosing curved hardware, these pulls or knobs will feature soft edges and detail. Shaker and flat panel are two styles that best represent square cabinets, which pair well with round knobs with squared corners.

  1. How Important Is Comfort?

For some, comfort is a major factor in decision making. When searching for the right cabinet pulls or knobs, think about how your hand will fit inside the pulls, if pointy edges of a knob will bother you, and other variables that arise with the number of options on the market.

  1. What Is Your Budget for Cabinet Hardware?

It's important to stay within a reasonable budget for cabinet hardware, as the overall price of your knobs and pulls can quickly add up. On average, knobs are more economical than pulls, but this varies with design and finish. For instance, solid bronze pulls will be more costly than standard steel ones. Some brands are more cost-efficient than others, which is great for those not wanting to spend big on hardware, as well as home builders and contractors. However, you may also be ready to spend on high quality, crafted knobs and pulls to wrap up a designer kitchen. Whatever the case, order a few extra pieces in the event one breaks.

They say that cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen. With just a bit of planning, you can outfit your kitchen with pull and/or knobs that complement the lines of the space, the finishes, and play to your comfort needs. If you're starting your search with us, we'll be glad to speak with you to help find the perfect cabinet knobs or pulls for your home. It's what we do! Feel free to email or call us at 877-852-9449.