Whether you are looking to upgrade your doorknobs or are building a new location, the right doorknobs can keep your business safe. There are a variety of grades and lock types available when it comes to commercial door handles, and it is important to know how each can keep you and your business safe.

Commercial doorknobs and levers are built to higher standards than residential locks. To differentiate their overall strength and durability, commercial locks are rated based on their level of durability. Grade 2 commercial locks are perfect for medium duty applications, such as smaller medical buildings, apartments, hotels and motels, offices, and religious buildings. For heavy duty commercial applications, you will want Grade 1 locks. Knowing the amount of foot traffic you will receive will help you decide which Grade to choose. Having the wrong grade can result in broken down locks, which can pose a security risk to your business.

Our doorknobs and levers are available in both tubular chassis as well as mortise locks and knowing the difference can be beneficial to your business. When tubular chassis locks break down, you will likely have to replace the entire lever, while mortise locks can have just the locking mechanism swapped out. Both types of doorknob and handle are available with emergency egress functionality, keeping you and your employees safe in the event of an emergency. These handles work by allowing the deadbolt and knob to open from the inside with a single action.

No matter what type of doorknobs you choose, you can rest easy knowing we carry a variety of high-quality options. If you have questions about our doorknobs and handles, feel free to call us at 307-886-9449 or text us at 307-352-9449 during business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. You can also reach us at any time on our website. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.