There are different types of Handlesets. Did you know that?

We now have them easily categorized on our site with pictures to show, but if that still doesn't explain it, I can help you!

 width= Double Sided Handlesets, (like shown in the picture) have the big "handle" on the front of the door as well as on the inside of the door. We have lots of customers that think they are for double doors, which is not correct. You will need to order 2 full sets (an active as well as a dummy) if you have double doors.


 width= Two Point locks, (notice in the picture) have a deadbolt lock as well as the one right below.


We don't carry as many with this type of style. But we have quite a few customers that ask for them. They are not standard prepped like most handlesets. Make sure to look at the measurements before ordering.


 width= Emergency Egress or Interconnect Handles, mean that when you are on the inside of the door and the deadbolt it locked, you can turn the knob/lever from the inside and it will automatically unlock the deadbolt above. It makes and easier exit encase of emergency.


 width= Last but most certainly not least, Mortise Locks. These babies are heavy duty.

Notice the side?


It's a little different than a standard tubular latch type. This is a box that slides into the door and needs special prepping. So make sure your door is prepped correctly for one of these before you order.

Sweet, now you can order exactly what you need.