Patio locks, or multi point locks (to read more about what a multi-point lock is go here) are really becoming quite popular. These locks are super high quality and provide great security. Multi point locks have 3 or more points where bolts come out to lock the door in place (which is a whole lot more secure than your basic regular deadbolt that only provides 1 bolt to lock the door in place). These locks are durable and people love how they function.


If you have a G-U multi point patio door and are needing new door hardware or trims replaced because your trims are used, beat up, or broken - Emtek has a plethora of multi point patio locks (for G-U doors it's configuration 1, under the multi point locks from Emtek) to choose from! Emtek doesn't provide the G-U internal mechanism (the internal parts to make the hardware function). Emtek only provides many stylish trims that will work on your existing door. This means that they do NOT include interior locking mechanisms of the door, the mechanisms will come standard from the door manufacturer such as G-U.


The best way to search for the best design of a multi point lock from Emtek that will suit you and your own personal style the very best is to first look for the plate style that draws you in on this page. Then after you find your favorite plate style click on it and it will bring up a page with all your options. Options like function (keyed, non keyed, dummy etc.) , interior lever style (you can find images of the levers in the description box), door handing and choose from many finishes! All the options make it so you can make it your own!

*NOTE: Before ordering please make sure your G-U door measurements match up with either of these configurations: