"So i was excited to hear about google checkout. Anything google does is exciting isn't it? Well, not everything... but as an online business it's important for us to know whats going on. Anyway, we got an account all set up and started offering google checkout on our website. Unfortunately, there are several drawbacks that are quite frustrating. First, no record of the order is kept in our cart system so keeping track of order and tracking info in our regular system is not possible. We would have to use two systems - kind of a pain. Also, for some reason google doens't pass on customer phone numbers... which is a pain if we need to contact a customer - a frequent occurance. And, we receive no order notifications so it's a little harder to process order ASAP like we do now. So... to all customers who have used google checkout on our website and like it (there are lots of good things about it) i think you'll have to wait until Google makes some changes so it is a little easier to use for a merchant. Sorry 'bout that."