So I have this friend. We've been buddies since High School. Unfortunately we rarely see each other anymore. Such is life I guess. But, we keep in contact and as a result he knows what I do for a living and visa versa. I was just talking to him today. He says he has been finishing his basement in his home and was looking for doorknobs to match his upstairs knobs. So he figured out what brand they were and googled it - it's the easiest way to find what you need right? He said he found what he needed on this place called, and then he realized that he knew a guy at Direct Door Hardware. Me. He's been after a schlage doorknob in antique pewter and of course none of the big box stores like the depot or Lowes carries?that finish?- or maybe I should say any other finish besides chrome and polished brass. I'm glad he remembered what I did for a living, too bad it took him finding our website before realizing it. Everyone should remember that Direct Door Hardware is the place to buy doorknobs. I hope the next time I'm in the market for tiny electronic parts for circuit boards I'll remember to call him up before I happen to google their corporate website.