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Falcon 19V Grade 1 Commercial Exit Vertical Rod Device

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Falcon 19V Grade 1 Commercial Exit Vertical Rod Device
Falcon 19V Grade 1 Commercial Exit Device


Falcon 19-Series Exit Device

When low cost and dependability are essential, you can count on the Monarch 19 Series. The 19 Series is built to stand up in high traffic applications and is available with a wide variety of function options and a full complement of trim devices. And since it’s backed by one of the best names in the business you can be sure you’re getting the utmost value and reliability.

Applications - For offices, schools, hospitals, apartments, hotels, motels and other public buildings.

Specification for this Exit Device:  

  • Hand: Field reversible.
  • Functions: All functions built into “EO” device. All 19 Series trim works with rim or vertical devices.
  • Finishes: Powder-coated aluminum –SP28; powder-coated duranodic–SP313;
    stainless steel US-32D.
  • Strikes: 3788 strike is surface applied standard, 2130 strike is mortised into floor.
  • Angle Bracket: Use 4215 angle bracket in flush transom or rabbeted installations.
    Allows use of standard 3788 strike.
  • Latchbolt: Top stainless steel 3/4" throw. Bottom square bolt 1/2" throw.
  • Deadlocking Latchbolt: Standard.
  • Dogging Feature: 1/2 turn hex dogging standard. No threaded parts to wear out.
  • Cylinder Dogging: Specify “CD” prefix. Use 11/8" long mortise cylinder with
    standard “A” cam.
  • Stock Sizes: 3'0" and 4'0". (See chart on page 15.)
  • Doors: 1-3/4" thick, wood or metal. Specify thickness if other than 1-3/4".
  • Narrow Stile Doors: To 1-3/4" N.S. aluminum. With control trim–2-1/4" min. stile.
  • Narrow Stile Doors: To 1-3/4" N.S. aluminum. With control trim–2-1/4" min. stile.
  • Projection: 2-1/2" max., 1-7/8" dogged.
  • Electric Function: Can be interfaced with building security systems. Security monitoring, electric dogging, exit indicator, and exit alarm available.
  • Fasteners: All mounting screws are concealed. Furnished with sheet metal screws. Machine screws available, specify AMS.
  • Sex Bolts: 3–#4122 (1/4–20) SNB standard. Hollow core wood, light gauge Hollow Metal, etc. require additional sex bolts. 19–V: 6–#2729 #10–24 SNB; 19–V–LBR: 3–#2729 #10–24 SNB
  • ANSI: Certified ANSI A156.3 2001 Grade 1 standards.
  • 19–V: Latch retention and 3788 strike top, deadbolt and 2130 flush strike bottom.
  • 19–V–LBR: 3788 strike top.
  • Vertical Rods: Furnished to length based on 40-5/16" horizontal CL from finished floor and a 7'0" door standard. Variations from these standards must be specified when ordering.
  • Shim Kit: For glass lites applications; 1/4" thick specify SK-19-V-1/4".
  • 161 Cutout: Device covers 161 cutout with KIK/KIL and Centron trims. Other trim requires cover plate.

    UL Symbol - Commercial Lever UL approved. Conforms with ANSI A156.3-2001 Grade I standards.

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SKU :19-V-EO
Price (USD)$342.00

Generally Ships Within 2 Business Days.

Order Help

Not Sure Which Function You Need?

Commercial door hardware is available in several functions to meet the reruirements of your application. Below is an explanation of each trim function available for the 19-series exit device. Please call us if you would like help with ordering commercial hardware 1-307-886-9449 were here Mon. - Fri. 9-5 Mountain Time.



910NL-Control Trim Night latch control. Key retracts latchbolt
910TP-Control Trim Thumb piece control. Key locks or unlocks trim. Thumbpiece retracts latch bolt when trim is unlocked
912L-Control Trim Lever control. Key locks or unlocks trim. Lever retracts latch bolt when trim is unlocked. Dane, Quantum, and Sutro levers return to within 1/2" of door. *Dane lever in stock only.
914KIL-Control Trim Key in Lever Control.


Falcon Hardware Warranty

Falcon Door Hardware warrants its mechanical offering of locks, exit devices and door
controls products manufactured to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for
a period of TEN (10) YEARS from the date of manufacture with the exception of the
products detailed in the complete Falcon door hardware warranty.


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