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Installing Emtek Door Knobs is very easy to do. There are just a few simple steps to follow when installing on a standard preparation door. Follow the steps below and after installing one or two of your doorknobs, you'll get faster and will be able to install all your new knobs in no time.

Items You'll Need for This Install:
- Hammer
- Sharp 1" Chisel
- Pencil
- Philips Screw Driver

Marking the latch faceplate on the edge of the door for chiseling. The first thing you will need to do is prep for the door latch installation. Most doors prepped standard from the door shop have a 2 1/8" bore with a 1" cross bore. The cross bore is not mortised out for the latch faceplate. Emtek hardware comes standard with square corner latches as they are the easiest to prep for. You can order your Emtek Knobs with rounded corner latch faceplates, or drive in latches. If your doors are not mortised for any faceplate and you want the easiest install possible, order your door hardware with drive in latches. If you have doors prepped for rounded corner faceplate you can order rounded corner latches, or you can just chisel out the very corner and use the square corner faceplates that come standard. In this installation we have square corner faceplates, so the first step is to square up the latch in the hole and mark on the edge of the door where we need to chisel out material.
Mortise out for square corner latch faceplate on the edge of the door. Chisel out the material nearly 1/8" deep the exact size of the faceplate. A sharp chisel is important if you want this to look clean.
Installing through bolts on an Emtek Square modern door knob. Next, install the latch in the edge of the door and secure with the screws provided. Then, hold up the two halves of the door knob on the door with the spindles lined up in hole in the latch. Certain Emtek Modern door hardware comes with allen head screws and an allen wrench you can use to tighten. These door knobs came with the standard philips head. secure the two halves of the doorknob together using the mounting screws provided. When installing knobs with square backplate, be sure the square plate is perpendicular to the edge of the door as you tighten. You don't want to overtighten these screws, but make sure they are snug so the square plate doesn't shift on the door surface and look out of alignment.
Installing the strike plate for your Emtek Square modern door knob. Strike plates are also available with square or rounded corners. Most doors are prepped for rounded corner, but it is very easy to chisel out the very corner and install the square strike plate using the screws provided in the box. Once you've installed the strike, close the door and see how much play is in the door when the latch springs into the strike hole. Adjust the tab in the strike with a screwdriver if needed so there isn't as much play in the door when it is closed.
Installation of your Emtek Square modern door knob with square rosette complete.

That it! The installation of you Emtek Square doorknobs is complete. It's a simple process that most anyone can do.

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