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Installing an Emtek Sideplate lock is a simple process and not too hard to do with the right tools. These sideplates are available for standard bore diameter of 2 1/8" with either 5 1/2" CC or 3 5/8" CC spacing. You'll want to double check the spacing so you can order the correct sideplates. If your doors are bored already, they are most likely set up for 5 1/2" CC which is the standard door prep - please verify before you order. If your door is new, you can see our how to bore a door for standard prep article for help boring it properly. For this job you will need the following tools:

Phillips Screwdriver
Sharp Chisel
Measuring Tape
Utility Knife
Tapered 3/16" drill bit
1" Hole Saw (if your Jamb is not prepped for a deadbolt already)

The first thing you need to do is prep the door for latches. Emtek hardware comes standard with square corner latch faceplates, but you can order them with rounded corner or drive in latches if you prefer. Our door was prepped for drive in latches, but since a deadbolt will always have a faceplate attached, we felt it would look better with matching faceplates. Square corner faceplates are easier to prep so that's what we have done. Holding the latch firmly in place, mark the perimeter with a pen or utility knife. You have to be careful with a utility knife, but on a veneer door like this the finished product will look nicer if you score it with a knife rather than mark with a pencil.
Once you have marked the location of the latches, use a sharp chisel to prepare the door for a square corner latch.
Now install the latches. When ordering Emtek locks, you'll need to specify your backsets as the latches on most of their products are not adjustable.
It's helpful to have an extra person to help over the next couple of steps. Using a tape measure, hold up the exterior plate and make sure it is parallel to the edge of the door. (oops, we used a picture of the interior here - sorry about that, but the step is the same for the exterior.
Next using a drill bit, predrill the holes where the plate will be mounted to the door and user the provided screws to mount the plate.
Once you have the exterior plate mounted, you'll need to mount the interior sub-plate for the deadbolt lock.
Now, pre-drill and attach the interior plate with the mounting screws provided.
Your sideplate is installed, but you're not quite done.
Mark the locations of the strike plate for the handle and the deadbolt above it. Use the utility knife or pencil to mark the plate perimeters and then chisel out the material so you can mount the strikes.
Now that you have chiseled out the strike locations, drill out the 1" hole where the throwbolt sits when the deadbolt is locked.
Mount the deadbolt strike subplate for added security. This sub plate comes with extra long screws to provide better reinforcement than the standard decorative strike.
Now mount the decorative strike plates and you are finished.

See Emtek 9 1/2 Inch Modern Keyed Sideplate lock for more information on the product installed in this article.