I know that it's been mentioned a time or two that Emtek is made per order, but what exactly does that mean? Well let's talk about that - it means that the Emtek items you chose to order on our site are built or put together right there at the warehouse after you place the order, which also means its customizable - or in other words you can make it however the heck you'd like. And I do mean how ever you like. At the Emtek.com blog they went into a little more detail of describing to us what exactly they can do. The things you can get from Emtek are a little bit different than what you find at your general store in town. What if you don't want that lever that comes with that handleset, what if you want a different lever, or maybe a door knob - or maybe even a different finish on the inside? Check out Emtek!

 width={satin nickel rosette with flat black lever}

With Emtek you can order how ever you'd like. Not even kidding! You can order that lever you like so much for the inside with that door knob you didn't want to part with for the outside. Order a satin nickel rosette with a black lever for all they care (you don't have to go with these suggestions, I hope you picked up that these were just examples of how customizable you can get). That is what's so great about Emtek, because it's made per order and you get to customize it to fit your style for no extra special order cost! And!... you don't have to wait 6-8 weeks for it either, it generally ships out anywhere from 2-5 business days - depending on what you've ordered. You don't have to settle for what you see on the shelf, jut mix it up until you've made your match with Emtek.