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Installing an Emtek Lausanne Modern Entry Handleset is pretty easy to do if you have some basic carpentry skills. If you are completely inexperienced, you may want to hire a professional carpenter for the best outcome. It's really not that hard, you just have to have some patience and care as you chisel out material from the door and drill holes that may not already be there. This handleset will be very similar to the installation of most Emtek Handlesets, so if you have another tubular latch type handleset from Emtek, you can refer to these instructions as well. In fact, you'll notice in this article that the template sent with the handleset is somewhat generic for multiple styles.

Installing an Emtek Lausanne Entrance Handleset - Items you will need. As usual, the first thing you need to do is round up some tools. Sharp chisels are imperative. You'll also need a hammer, drill, some drill bits, pen or pencil, measuring tape and a speed square is handy as well. And if you're thirsty, a cold drink.
Emtek Lausanne Handleset Install 1 - matching up your Handleset to the template provided. Unpack your Emtek handleset from the box and make sure you have ordered the correct backset latches for your door. Emtek packs their handlesets with a large cardstock installation template. The template is somewhat generic so that it will work for several of their handlesets. You'll see on the template where your handleset name (Lausanne in this case) is listed next to the appropriate measurements. Most doors are prepped with a standard door preparation with bore holes 2 1/8" diameter on both the deadbolt and the lower handle. These bore holes should be spaced at 5 1/2" CC. If your door is prepped this way, all you really need to drill is the lower mounting hole for the bottom of the handle. You'll notice the template has those same standard door prep markings and then the lower mounting hole marked at the bottom. This allows you to lay the template on the door and mark the lower mounting hole (see next two steps). If your door is not prepped with both bore holes, you can use the template as a guide to mark those holes as well.
Installing and Emtek Lausanne Handleset - Prepping the template for use. Next, Check the backset on your door (should be 2 3/4" or 2 3/8") then fold the template on the appropriate backset line. Then make a small hole in the template where your lower mounting hole will be so you can mark through it onto your door once you have put the template on the door.
Installing an Emtek Lausanne Handleset - layout door prep with template. Using some tape, line up the template exactly over the bore holes with the folded edge wrapped around the edge of the door. Be as precise as possible, then mark the location of the lower mounting hole.
Installing an Emtek Lausanne Handleset - Step 4 line up the handleset before drilling.

Measure twice drill once, right? I've learned that its always best to double check. Even though Emtek's template should be exact, I might have made a mistake on my own. Double check with a measure tape to make sure your lower mounting hole mark is centered on the bore holes above, then hold up the handle and make sure that the lower mounting post lines up exactly with the mark you just made. It's worth double and triple checking. If you are way off you'll have to patch your door. If you're slightly off and force the handle into position, it won't function as smoothly as it should. It's worth taking a little time to make sure you're drilling in the exact spot it needs to be.

Emtek Lausanne Handleset Installation Step 5 - Drilling the lower mounting hole. Drill the lower mounting hole. The size may vary according to handleset you purchase. I believe this one is a 3/16" hole. Be very careful as you drill to keep the drill bit straight in both directions. Also beware, and be cautious that you don't go too fast and get some blowout on the backside of the door. This door was fiberglass so it was fairly easy to get a nice clean hole, but some woods and metal may be a little harder.
Emtek Lausanne Entrance Handleset Installation Step 6 - Mortising for latches. Next, using the latches mark out where their faceplates need to be recessed and chisel out the area about 1/8" deep so that the latch faceplate sits flush on the door edge. Make sure the latches are square and parallel to the door edge.
Emtek Lausanne Entrance Handle Set Installation - Step 7 Installing Latches Install both the deadbolt and the handle latches.
Emtek Lausanne Handle Installation Step 8 - Mounting handleset Install the exterior side of the handle first, lining up the deadbolt tailpiece and handle spindle into their respective latches. Keep everything secure with one hand, or if you have a helper handy, they can hold it for you.
Emtek Lausanne Handleset Installation Step 9 Now attach the mounting plate on the backside of the deadbolt. Don't overtighten.
Emtek Lausanne Handleset Installation Step 9 Now, line up the inside trim plate. You'll have to take care to make sure the deadbolt tailpiece lines up into the turn and the door knob on the interior trim fits into the latch on the door. Tighten the mounting screws provided, but don't overtighten.
Emtek Lausanne Handleset Installation Step 9 Now install the lower mounting screw with the threaded washer.
Emtek Lausanne Handleset Installation Step 9 The attach the decorative cap onto the threaded washer.
Emtek Lausanne Handleset Installation Step 9 Install the strike plates for both the handle latch and the deadbolt latch. The deadbolt strike comes with a secure substrike that mounts into the jamb with long 3" screws for added security. Once you have the strikes installed you can adjust the handle strike tab with a screwdriver so that the door is held snugly where you want it.
Lausanne Handleset INstallation Complete

That's it, your handleset installation is complete. Test everything to make sure it works properly. If it does, you've installed it correctly.

Check out the Lausanne Handleset here.

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