This is one of those items that could will have multiple posts.

So for now how about just the basics.

So a 3 point lock is generally used on patio doors.

There are 3 different places where a lock or bolt would come out of the door. The side, top and bottom.

Emtek carries a variety (variety is an understatement) of different styles. I'm getting ahead of myself.... lets start on how you would order an Emtek 3 point lock.

Start on the home page of our site.

On the right hand side there is a box that says ""Multi-Point Patio Locks""

Got it?

Good... so then it brings you this page,

I know it can look intimidating, but don't get discouraged... we are here to help you!

Do you know what brand of doors you use? If you read under the configurations (in the bold lettering) it names the type of doors that these configurations would work with. But make sure and measure the hardware you have and match it with the diagram you think may work. It would be a total bummer if you got it and it didn't work.

Now, once you find what configuration is right for you, congratulations!!! This is the BEST part!

You get to choose what style you love.

Look for the style of plate you love (not the lever... yet), because after you find the plate you get to choose what ever lever you want! And there are SOO many choices!

Remember, these are only the trims along with the levers... they do not come with the mechanism.

Make it your own!