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Installing an Emtek 2221 Edge pull is a pretty simple process. You just need a few tools to do the job right. These edge pulls are most commonly used on pocket doors that when completely open are flush with the door jamb. The finger pull is used to pull the door out of its pocket. To use it you just pull the handle out of the edge of the door and pull the door out. When not in use, the handle sits flush on the edge of the door so that it does not interfere when the door is completely closed. In this application we had a Linnea modern mortise style pocket door lock that did not have any kind of pull incorporated into the design. We liked the sleek look of the linnea lock, so we decided to mount an Emtek edge pull below to facilitate closing the door. Installation is quite easy with the following tools:

- Hammer
- Sharp 1/2" Chisel
- Pencil
- Measuring Tape
- 1/2" Drill bit

Installing an Emtek Edge Pull Step 1 The first thing you need to do is mark the bottom of where you want the finger pull mounted. Once you have that complete you can find the center of the door edge and map out where the edge pull mortise plate will sit on the door. You can use the finger pull as a template to mark where you will be removing material with the chisel. In this case we are mounting the finger pull below the mortise pocket door lock we already had installed so we've placed the finger pull about 2" below. You really could put it anywhere you'd like on the edge of the door.
Installing an Emtek Edge Pull - Step 2 Chisel out the material nearly 1/8" deep the exact size as the finger pull mortise plate. You can guage the depth by the thickness of the finger pull, but it is just less than 1/8". A sharp chisel is important if you want this to look clean.
Installing and Emtek Edge Pull Step 3 Next, I placed the finger pull on the edge of the door backware in the recessed area I just made. With it sitting here i could mark the area where the pull handle itself will need to be recessed into the door when not in use. I marked about an 1" tall area towards the bottom of the plate so that the machanism could move freely in the door. Up top on the pull, you'll notice there is a hinge barell. I marked there as well so I could remove just enough material for that barrell to function. I figured there was no sense in removing as much material there as was needed where the handle retracts.
Installing and Emtek Edge Pull Step 4 Using a chisel I removed the material up by the hinge. Then using a 1/2" drill bit I removed the material down where the handle will recess. Once cleaned out, place the finger pull where it will sit and test it to make sure there are not obstructions.
Installing and emtek Edge Pull Step 5

Mount up the finger pull in its place. That's it. It's a very simple installation and makes it a much easier job to remove the pocket door from its pocket.

To see the installation of the Pocket door mortise lock on this project, see the Linnea PL160 Installation guide.

If you'd like to purchase this finger pull, see the Emtek EM2221 Edge Pull.

Other Items used in this project:
- Linnea Square Privacy Mortise Pocket Door Lock
- Pocket door track kit

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