"Our Sure-Loc egg shaped Door Knobs have been very popular over the past few years.?Sure-loc set a trend in the hardware market offering a very affordable?egg shaped knob?in popular finishes like Antique Bronze (similar to Oil Rubbed Bronze), Satin Nickel and Antique Nickel (similar to Pewter). The arapaho?doorknob still continues to be one of our best sellers because of its great looking design, popular?finishes, easy installation and of course the price is great too! Sure-Loc doorknobs are easy to install with their non-concealed screw mounting system and drive in latch with a removable faceplate. For those looking for something a little different,?Weslock has recently released their new Julienne Door Knob. Also an egg shape, but somehwat different than the Sure-Loc knob.?The Weslock Door Knobs and Door Hardware?knob is a concealed screw mount, and has a latch with attached mortise plate. They are a little harder to?install,?but some people prefer the look of the concealed screw mount and the attached mortise plate on the edge of the door.?You can now view this new Weslock style on our website. Be sure to check back with us soon. Sure-Loc will soon be releasing an egg shaped knob of solid construction, including a great new line of handlesets as well."