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Door handing, or the direction a door opens, impacts the door hardware you need. Determining your door handing before you place your order with us helps ensure you get hardware that fits your door and operates and looks as it's meant to. If the door handing is wrong or unknown, your hardware could end up being installed upside-down or backward! That's why we encourage you to take a few minutes and follow this guide to identifying your door handing before you place you order.

Door handing mainly comes down to two alignments - left hand or right hand. Deciphering which one of these handings your door uses is easier than you think! By figuring out left hand or right hand opening of your door, we can tailor our hardware to meet your needs effectively.

To avoid ordering a lock that has to be installed backward or upsidedown, be sure to check out this diagram and step-by-step guide instead of relying on standard rules for deciphering door handing in the carpentry sector. While the process is similar, including the lock information can make the difference between a left or right-hand determination, and we want to ensure that we're sending you the correct order!

how to determine your door handing

Carpenters: note that this door handing determination differs from what you use when ordering or hanging doors. This is because the side that the lock is on is included in the determination process.

step 1 Stand outside of the door, facing the door. If the door has a lock on it, make sure that you're standing on the side of the door where you would use the key or keypad. If you're determining the handing of an interior door, stand on the side of the door that you would typically enter from. Face whichever side of the door you'll be standing on when using the door hardware that will be installed.
step 2 Take a look at the hinges. Are the hinges installed on your left from where you're standing? That means you have a left-hand door. If the hinges are to your right, then you have a right-hand door.
step 3 When prompted to enter your door handing for your chosen door hardware option, fill in the left or right hand accordingly. If your hinges were to your left, select the left-hand option. Select the right-hand option if the hinges were installed on the right. This will ensure that we provide you with the correct door hardware and that it will operate and look and function exactly as it's meant to and how you want it.

Not all hardware requires this knowledge, but if you choose one of our beautiful door hardware options that benefit from knowing the handing, our website will tell you before ordering. We've included the selection process in our step-by-step guide to ensure we get everything we need from you to guarantee your complete satisfaction!  If you have any trouble, feel free to contact us by calling 307-886-9449, and we'll be happy to help you.

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