Having a door hinge with a non-removable or fixed pin is probably not the best option for most people. For one it costs a little more per hinge. Secondly, if you have to remove the door you also have to remove the hinges completely from the door. Why would you want a door hinge with a fixed pin? Well, probably the most common reason for this would be an exterior door that swings outward. An outward swing door will have the hinge barrels exposed on the outside of the home so a perpetrator could easily pop the pins and the door would come off the hinges. With a fixed hinge pin the door is much more secure. We also often have customers use fixed hinge pin door hinges for closets or rooms inside commercial applications where the door swings outward, but they want to be able to lock the door and keep the contents of the room secure. We have Emtek door hinges with a non-removable pin as an option. The additional cost is around $4 per hinge. Since this option is not real common we don't have it available online but you're welcome to call us to place an order by phone. You can check out the available door hinges here: Emtek Door Hinges >>