"Q: I am confused about what you mean when you right or left-hand door SWING? Does this mean if I grab a handle on the right, or that the hinges the door swings from are on the right or left? A: You are not the first to ask this question. Most lever handles (depending on the design) require handing to be specified when ordering. Door handing needs to be indicated because lever handles often have a scroll type design or an arched style; as a result if the handle is installed on the wrong handing the end will point in the wrong direction. For example, if a lever handle curves downward on a right hand door, when installed on a left swinging door the handle will curve up and look wrong. Determining door haning is pretty simple, but can be confusing. To make it a little easier we have created a diagram at the following link to help illustrate the method of determining door handing. Be sure to read the exceptions before ordering so you don;t get the wrong door hardware. Learn how to determine door handing here: http://www.directdoorhardware.com/door_handing.htm "