"Determining your door handing can be confusing as there many different methods of determining which handing you need. There are a few basic rules that if followed will help you order the correct handing for the door hardware you need to order. How to determine the handing or swing of your door: Stand in the doorway with you back to the hinge side. If the door swings to your left, it is a left hand swinging door. If it swings to your right it is a right hand door. This applies except under the following circumstances. - If your door swings out, but you need it locking on the inside, you'll want to order the opposite handing than it generally would be. For example. You have a bathroom door that swings out. Using the above method, you stand in the doorway and the door swings out to your right. Generally you would order a?RH lever, but since you want the lock button to be on the inside of the bathroom, you'll need to order a left handed lever for that application. More info about door handing here: http://www.directdoorhardware.com/door_handing.htm"