I have been seeing a whole lot of Deltana orders being placed lately. Particularly the Deltana 7/8 Inch Drive-In Ball Catch. A ball catch is generally used on double closet doors, or maybe a single closet door, where a latch (the pieced that goes in and out of the door when the door knob is turned to hold the door in place) is not being used or needed.


Ball catches are installed on the top of the doors. They easily mount to the top edge of the door after a hole has been drilled to allow the ball to fall into the hole and the door to close. A strike plate is mounted on the door jamb for the spring loaded ball will set in to hold the door shut. You can simply pull or tug on the door to release the catch. Generally you will use a dummy function door know for these types of doors, because all that is needed is a mounted door knob on the front of the door to pull the door open. This style of closet door is becoming more common than the bi-fold style closet doors that fold up when opening. I have pinched my fingers too many times to count in that style.

Back to the Deltana 7/8 inch Drive in Ball Catch, this style is one of the more popular ones we sell, because it's really affordable with a simple design.


This has also had high reviews! You can check those out on the bottom of the page. Here are a few just to give you an idea...

"This was the perfect replacement ball catch for my closet doors....installed easily and works great. Your site is excellent and I will order again." - Chase Burritt from Ft. Pierce, FL. on 11/21/2012

"Pictures and descriptions of the hardware purchased was completely accurate. Items were excellent quality and arrived in good condition. The time from purchase to delivery was well within reason. Very satisfied and will order again." - Russell Schulz from Chattanooga, Tennessee. on 11/15/2012

"Item works well. Easy to install. should be good for the next ten or so years." - William Hess from Monterey, TN. on 5/14/2013