Online businesses are a different beast than a brick and mortar location. My brother owns a couple of bakeries and we often have discussions about the differences between our businesses. Some of the struggles and risks that he must take are different than those that we take. I'm not saying one is more difficult than the other. I actually completely admire all the work he does to make his bakeries successful. I personally don't know if i could do it. Managing any business is risky, but it seems that online businesses are particularly vulnerable in the traffic area as?search engines can modify the way they categorize and rank website on a whim. They give no warning. One day you might be king of a keyword, the next you're gone. As a result we are always optimizing our website not only for the user experience, but for search engine optimization. This can be frustrating at times because many other websites?tend to use less than desirable tactics to get ahead. Doing this can be great short term, but in the long run it has a much more negative impact than it did positive. Not to mention the compromise of ethics. This is one of those cases where we feel like because we are doing the right thing and playing by the rules, we're getting the short end of the stick.?But, we continue doing what we feel is the right thing, hoping that the search engines will appreciate it in the long run and eventually give credit where credit is due. So for now, i guess we'll be patient.