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Cavity Sliders CaviTrack Pocket Door Track System

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Cavity Sliders CaviTrack Pocket Door Track System
Cavity Sliders CaviTrack Pocket Door Track

Helpful Information

  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum track
  • High quality rollers operate silently  
  • Soft close / Soft open options available
  • Can be configured for bi-parting or corner-meeting pocket doors


Cavity Sliders CaviTrack Pocket Door Track

CaviTrack pocket door track is a versatile, high quality pocket door track system for quiet, smooth operating pocket doors. This track can be used for custom pocket doors or standard size doors where a site-built pocket door frame is used. A high quality extruded aluminum knock down frame kit is also available (CSS4K) featuring the same track and carriage options.

Product features include:

  • High quality, heavy duty extruded aluminum track.
  • Smooth running track, ideal for site-built pocket door frames.
  • Track is notched for simple carriage installation
  • Available in 6,8,12, and 24' length. Can be cut to custom length if needed
  • Order with your choice of high quality carriage pack to accommodate up to 500lb door
  • Soft close and soft open upgrade is available for silent operation

Easy to order. Simply make the following selections and add to your cart.

  1. Select the length of track you need. A pocket door requires a track that is double the width of the door being used. A 3' wide door will need a 6' track. The heavy duty track comes in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 24' lengths. The track can be cut to a custom length on site, or you can call us to order a pre-cut custom length. We ship track up to 10' long with UPS. Tracks longer than 10' will be shipped freight.
  2. Choose the appropriate carriage pack. The carriage packs include the roller carriages, mounting plates, and fasteners needed to attach to the top of your door. Installation instructions are also included. The standard M6 carriage pack is suitable for doors weighing up to 200lb. Most standard size solid core doors weigh less than 150lbs. Larger or thicker doors can be much heavier. The M8 carriage pack is for heavy doors weighing up to 500lbs. The SofStop soft closing carriage packs are also available. The single action SofStop mechanism engages the door a few inches before it is fully closed and slowly draws the door to the jamb for a smooth and silent operation. The Sofstop upgrade can be added for doors up to 176lb, or doors up to 264lb. The double action SofStop mechanism works the same as the single action, but it dampens the motion of the door when it is being opened, and when it is being closed. The double action SofStop mechanism will work for doors up to 176lb weight.


CaviTrack Installation Instructions
CaviTrack Specifications Sheet
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