Keyless locks are increasingly popular as the convenient and secure choice over the conventional pin tumbler lock. Using a keypad, home or business owners can enter their unique codes to enter without fear of misplacing a key. When you're shopping for keyless locks, you may wonder if one can be installed on your screen porch door. As the first barrier to entry, this door should be as secure as your front door, right? Here's the truth on screen porch doors.

Unlike storm doors, screen porch doors are not designed to be a reliable security measure for your home. Where storm doors are designed with reinforced glass and metal to withstand high winds and severe weather, screen porch doors act as a simple entry to your enclosed porch. They're often made of materials like aluminum or wood, so they're not much of a challenge to kick in for intruders. The lock can be picked or the door's screen can be cut, but with a storm door, someone would have to break through the thick glass or pick its challenging lock to get to your front door.

Screen porch locks are primarily used for keeping insects out and your children or pets in. This is a much different use than your front door. Many of these come in the style of a push button attachment, while others are keyed. However, you cannot install a keyless lock onto your screen porch door. It would be a better choice to shift your focus on your home's front door instead, as this is the area that needs the most security. Even though you cannot use a keyless option, it's important that you still have some type of lock on your screen porch door. While it won't deter a motivated intruder from entering your porch area, they'll be stopped at your front door, which is what matters.

At Direct Door Hardware, we don't have a great selection of Storm door or screen porch door locks as they are typically provided by the door manufactuer. Screen and storm doors are too thin (usually around 1 Inch thick) for a standard keyless lock to be installed on them. We do have many keyless lock options for your entry door though, which are typically 1 3/4" thick. With high quality styles from the top brands in the industry, you can find options that best suit any door in your home.