Mixing and matching different brands of door hardware can be tempting. After all, certain companies specialize in locks, while others promote top-of-the-line doorknobs and plates and you want the best of each of these pieces of hardware. In some instances, it’s not detrimental to mix brands, especially if you’re looking for a specific product (like a name-brand lock or a custom-made knob); however, most commercial and residential designs are best suited with a uniform approach to picking a particular brand of door hardware.

Here are a couple of reasons why you might want to stay consistent with one brand:
• Most noticeably, the aesthetic value of coordinating finishes throughout the space, from locks and doorknobs to hinges and plates.
• Individual brands name their finishes and tend to carry those names across products, so you can order everything in one matching finish and ensure that your hardware looks cohesive.
• Instead of having to carry multiple keys and fumble around to find the correct one each time, you can simply commit to one brand of locks and reduce the number of keys that go with it. (Buying several interior locking door knobs from one company may mean you only have to keep track of one key!)

Our Recommendation: If you need to mix brands and locking is particularly important, you should know that some brands can be keyed alike, however, they are not always guaranteed to be compatible with one another, so it should be avoided if possible.

Can You Mix Door Finishes?

Finishes like satin chromes, satin nickels, polished chromes, and flat or matte blacks are typically among the more universal options. Try to stay away from bronze finishes because these can appear in a variety of shades depending on the brand, leaving your door looking haphazard and mismatched. Ultimately, if you want door hardware with a bronze finish, it’s even more reason to find one brand for all your needs.

For residential projects, bathrooms are the spaces where finishes and fixtures may deviate from the rest of the home. If bath fixtures don't match the interior door handle or knob, the look will not be as cohesive as desired. Details like these are important to keep in mind. Custom made pulls or knobs can mix things up for an interior space, especially custom dummy knobs for unique closet spaces, sliding doors, or small storage areas inside bedrooms.

Our Recommendation: Try and stick with finishes that are relatively easy to match.

Make sure that you’re not only choosing a door hardware brand that suits your aesthetic needs but also meets the mark for quality and durability. For aesthetic and functional purposes, stick to one brand for your door hardware, and let us help you find everything else! At Direct Door Hardware, we carry every top brand for your selection, offering a variety of hardware styles and finishes.

At Direct Door Hardware, we carry every top brand of door hardware manufacturers for your selection, offering a variety of hardware styles and finishes.