Have you ever considered a keyless lock? Upgrading to a new lock option like this may be a better, more convenient option for you and your family. Not only can they be used in residential applications, but they're also great for businesses. Here are 5 excellent benefits you can expect from upgrading to a keyless lock.

  1. Heightened Security

You'll love how easy it is to enter and exit your home or business without the need for a key. This is especially useful at night when visibility is low. When you leave, the keyless lock will lock behind you. No more fretting whether you've locked the front door!

  1. Less Money Spent on Re-Keying

If you choose a keyless lock without a flex lock (some models feature a keyed lock in case the batteries die), then you won't need to mess with the hassle of re-keying your locks over the years. Even with a flex lock model, you will seldom need to use the keyed lock, as they're really only necessary if the keypad stops working.

  1. Incredible Convenience

Using a keyless lock is simple. Simply program a code for the family and you're good to go! Most keyless locks are battery-powered, so you won't need to worry about running wires. When the batteries run low, an indicator will notify you when it's time to replace them. For businesses, you won't need to spend time and money on making copies for employees. Instead, they'll use a code that you provide them, which can be deleted or changed as needed.

  1. Safe for Kids

Instead of sending your child to school with a house key, they'll simply need to remember the access code for the keyless entry. It's easy for them to lose a key, which could result in them being locked out while you're at work or elsewhere. Once inside, keypad locks will usually lock behind them.

  1. Changable Codes. With traditional locks, if you no longer want someone to have access you would have to make sure they have no copies of your key or rekey the lock. With keyless locks, you can delete a code or reprogram the lock so that the old code no longer works. No need for a locksmith to do so.

Still on the fence about keyless locks? Get in touch with us and we'll help you determine if a keyless lock is the right upgrade for your home or business.