Baldwin is one of the most trusted for safety, security, heavy duty, not to mention that it's got class. I explored some of Baldwin's history, where it all started...and it goes way back to the mid 1940's! Severin Fayerman and his family came to America in 1945 and in January 1946, less than a year, they opened the doors to Baldwin. Baldwin first started with simple letter boxes (or as we like to call them on the site - mail slots), then came the rest of the hardware - elegant door knobs, all the misc hardware like chain door guards, and later came the rim locks. Rim locks are elegant small mortise style locks that are surface mounted to the door. We don't quite have them on the site yet, we hope to someday soon, but we sure can order some if you are interested. Just contact us. Anyway, the reason I was so fixated on rim locks and the history of Baldwin is because I came across the short story of Jackie Kennedy and her request of customer rim locks. It was after President Kennedy was assassinated and Mrs. Kennedy later left the White House and decided to built a private residence in Martha's Vineyard. She wanted a special finish for the Baldwin rim locks that she liked so much that was never going to be replicated except for her residence and Baldwin happily accepted. It was a brass rim lock with a white coating and they relieved the edges, highlighting the dull brass finish. It was very original and Severin Fayerman said, "everyone was proud and honored to be part of this and made a special effort to make it beautiful and it was beautiful". He also said it was very original and was never repeated, just like Jackie Kennedy requested, and the finish is still known as the Jacqueline Kennedy finish.