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Baldwin Prestige Series Alcott Door Knob in Polished Brass

Baldwin Prestige Series Alcott Door Knob in Polished Brass

Baldwin Prestige Series Alcott Door Knob in Polished Brass
Baldwin Prestige Alcott Passage Function - Polished Brass Shown


Baldwin Prestige Alcott Door Knob in Polished Brass

Baldwin Prestige Series Alcott knobs offer the quality that you would expect from Baldwin, nice and solid construction and an affordable price. The Alcott door knob is classic in its design with a circular pattern with a raised ridge around the perimeter of the knob and rosette or backplate. This simple timeless door knob style is available in satin nickel and polished brass to coordinate with your home decor. Baldwin Prestige series door hardware is easy to install with a standardized adjustable latch and fits the standard door thickness you find in most homes. You can also order coordinating Baldwin Prestige handlesets, deadbolts and lever handles so that the door hardware in your entire home coordinates and is keyed alike. The Baldwin Alcott door knobs uses a turn button lock on its privacy and keyed entry functions. To lock or unlock, simply turn the button located in the center of the knob. When you exit the room, you must turn the button to the unlocked position.

Baldwin Prestige Alcott Door Knob Features:

- Alcott door knobs are available in satin nickel or polished brass finishes.
- Solid knob construction you expect from the Baldwin brand.
- Fits doors of standard door thickness 1 3/8" to 1 3/4" thick.
- ANSI/BHMA Grade 2
- Adjustable backset fits both 2 3/8" - 2 3/4"
- Quality Knobset Chassis has powerpack conmpression springs for operational strength and smooth action.
- Installation is easy.
- Baldwin Alcott door knobs are available in 4 functions: Keyed entry, privacy, passage and single surface mounted dummy.
- Baldwin Smartkey comes standard in prestige series door locks. Baldwin's Smart Key System allows you to easily key your new hardware to existing door locks. It also provides added drill resistance, bump guard protection and super pick resistance.

Baldwin Smartkey

Baldwin prestige Bump Guard

Baldwin prestige Alcott Installation Help

Baldwin Alcott door knobs are simple to install. Installation instructions are incuded in the box contents, but you can also see them before purchase here:

Baldwin Prestige privacy, passage and keyed entry installation instructions.
Baldwin Prestige dummy function installation instructions.

In the Box

What Comes with Your Baldwin Alcott Door Knob Purchase?

Passage Door Knob Contents
A knob for both sides of the door, latch mechanism, strike plates and mounting screws.

Privacy Door Knob Contents
Knobs for both sides of the door, latch mechanism, generic unlocking tool, strike plates and mounting screws.

Keyed Entrance Door Knob Contents
Knobs for both sides of the door, latch mechanism, keys, strike plates and mounting screws. If you have several keyed locks keyed alike, there may not be a key for every lock shipped.

Single Dummy Doorknob
A single non functioning knob and mounting screws

Choose Options:

Door Thickness

Order Help

Baldwin Prestige Alcott Door Knobs are Available in The Following Functions

Baldwin prestige series door knobs are available in multiple functions depending on their intended use. Check the following function descriptions to make sure you order the correct door hardware for your application.

Passage Door Knob Function Alcott Passage or Hall and Closet Doorknobs are used on doors that do not require a locking mechanism. Halls, closets, pantry or laundry doors will generally use a passage knobset. Passage knobs do not have a locking mechanism.

Alcott Privacy Door Knob Function Privacy or Bed and Bath Door Knobs are most often used on Bedrooms, Baths or Office doors where a lock for privacy while occupied is desired, but a keyed lock is not really necessary. Baldwin Prestige privacy knobs have a turn button on the end of the knob as shown to the left to activate the lock. On the outside, there is a pin hole for emergency unlocking. Some knobs will have a pin hole inside a circular piece, some just have a small pinhole.

Keyed Entrance Door Knob Function Alcott Keyed Entrance Door Knobs are generally used on exterior doors, but sometimes used on interior doors where security is a concern. Baldwin Prestige keyed entrance knobs have a turn button lock on the inside, similar to a privacy lock. On the outside there is a keyed cylinder. If the knob is locked from the inside a key is required for entrance. If you are ordering several keyed locks of the same brand we can key them alike for you.

Single Dummy Door Knob Function Alcott Single Dummy Doorknobs are sold individually. Dummy knobs do not have a latch or mechanism of any kind. These knobs are surface mounted to a door that has not been bored (large hole cut out) for a doorknob. Dummy knobs are generally used on double doors that us a ball catch at the top to keep them closed so a latch is not required. They are also commonly found on the inactive side of a french door - a single dummy monted on either side of the inactive door.


Baldwin Alcott Door Knob Warranty Information

Baldwin Alcott door knobs are covered by a lifetime manufacturers warranty as long as the original owner occupies the residence where the product was originally installed. This warranty does not cover scratches or other damage caused by chemicals or abuse of the product. For more information about the warranty offered on this product, please see Baldwin Prestige Series Warranty.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Hard to go wrong with Baldwin products. Over the years have found this hardware to always look good & lasts a long time.
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Reviewed by:  from San Antonio, TX. on 12/9/2017

Questions and Answers

Question Is this one of all Baldwin door knobs made in the USA?
Asked by: alec - 3/22/2014
Question Actually none of the Baldwin hardware items are made in the US. They are assembled here, but the parts are brought in from overseas. Most all hardware manufacturers import their product, though some do assemble and even apply finish here.
Answer provided by:  Jake (3/24/2014)
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