As many of you may have noticed recently, we have had a difficult time keeping the antique bronze arapaho (egg shaped) Door Knobs available. We have these knobs shipped out directly from the manufacturer, who is having a difficult time keeping up with the demand. So we indicate on our site that we are out of stock, but they are very popular so people keep ordering them. When they finally get back in stock, the back orders have been cleaning out the replenished inventory. So once again we are out of stock. The manufacturer is working on increasing their inventory amounts to accommodate the demand, but have not been able to yet. Anyway, we apologize for the inconvenience. Direct Door Hardware and the Sure-Loc brand are rapidly growing companies and we're doing what we can to keep up with the demand. We appreciate your business and hope you will return to our website often. In other news, we are looking at a beautiful line of reproduction hardware that will be a great compliment to your older style home. This line is manufactured to fit or replace hardware on standard doors of today, as well as accommodate older styles. Check back with us in the future, we hope to have this new product added soon!