width=We did already introduce the side plates on this blog before, but it wasn't in great detail like I am about to do here in this post. They are super classy and some are super fancy. They kind of remind me of the antique hardware that you find on really old doors, you know with the skeleton keys? A side plate is basically a large back plate with a knob/lever and added deadbolt for an exterior door or it can be a blank plate with just the knob/lever as a privacy or a passage function for the interior doors. Side plates come in all kinds of designs and each side plate comes with a huge selection of interior knob or lever handles to choose from. So that means the options are pretty much endless. I forgot to mention these are Emtek side plates. Anyway, Emtek side plates are offered with 3 5/8" CC or a 5 1/2" CC (CC - meaning center to center measurement from bore hole to bore hole). 5 1/2" CC is more the standard prep for a door (read more about standard prep here). We have it divided down the middle, one side being 3 5/8" CC Sideplates and one side beind 5 1/2" CC sideplates, (see circled in yellow below).  width= So you have your pick between 2 different kinds of door preps, but then you also have a choice between keyed or non keyed side plates. Keyed being a side plate with a deadbolt, and there is a dummy keyed function as an option too. Non keyed is a big plate with no deadbolt with an option of privacy, passage or dummy functions. There really is almost no end to the choices of mixing and matching all the door knobs and levers and back plate styles and then there are the finish options! These Emtek side plates can go anywhere in the home with anything!