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Advantage CA Grade 2 Privacy Commercial Lockset

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Advantage CA Grade 2 Privacy Commercial Lockset
Advantage Grade 2 Privacy CA Commercial Knob set


Advantage Bala Style Commercial Knobset

Applications - For offices, schools, hospitals, apartments, hotels, motels and other public buildings.

Features for this commercial knob:

  • Schalge C Keyway
  • Finishes: US10B (Oil Rubbed bronze) US31D (Stainless Steel) US3 (Polished Brass)
  • Functions: Keyed, Storeroom, Privacy, Passage and Dummy
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Concealed Mounting Screws
  • Removable through bolt.
Specification for this Commerial Knob:

  • Door ranges: 1 3/8" - 2" Door thickness (35-51MM)
  • Front: 2 1/4" x 1 1/8", adjustable for beveled doors 1/8" in 2".
  • Latchbolt: 1/2" throw stainless steel latch bolt (12.7 MM) Meet UL 3 Hours fire rating, UL file No. R13776
  • ANSI Standards - Meets or exceeds requirement of BHMA/ANSI A156.2, Series 4000 Grade 2, 400,000 Cycles.
  • Exposed trim: Wrought Brass, bronze or stainless steel, knobs are zinc casting, plated to match trim finish.
  • Backset: 2 3/4" (70mm) Standard, or 2 3/8" (60mm)
  • Strike: 2 3/4" x 1 1/8" x 3/32" Standard. ASA strike available upon request. Strike Box furnished.
  • Latch and strike Screws: 8-32 x 1" FPH Dual Purpose
  • Federal Standard: Meets FF-H-106C
  • Keying 6 Pin Tumbler Cylinder, 2 keys per lock. Keying available upon request. keying charge may apply depending on quantity and complexity of keying.
UL Symbol - Commercial Lever UL approved. Conforms with ANSI A156.2. Series 4000, Grade II Exceeds 800,000 Cylces. Meets A117.1 Accessibility Code.

In the Box

Keyed, Storeroom, Passage and Privacy Knobsets:
- Two Knobs (one for each side of the door).
- Strike Plate (mounted on the Jamb across from the strike).
- Mounting screws.
- Tubular latch with attached mortise plate.

*Entrance/Keyed knobs also include keys. Larger orders keyed alike may not have keys included with every entrance knobset.

Dummy knobsets:
- One knob and rosette to be surface mounted to the door.
- Mounting screws.

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Retail Price: $49.50
Price (USD)$42.09

Generally Ships Within 2 Business Days.

Order Help

Not Sure Which Function You Need?

Commercial door hardware is available in several functions to meet the reruirements of your application. Below is an explanation of each function available in this knob. To order other functions and deadbolts check out the related products.


commercial knob keyed function image. Entrance Keyed Locks - Turn Push button locking. Pushing and turning the button disengages outside lever requiring use of key until the button is manually locked. Push Button Locking - pushing the button disengages the outside lever until unlocked by key or by turning the inside lever. Clutch function is designed to disengage outside spindle from latch whne in locked condition.
Commercial lever storeroom lock function. Storeroom Lock - Outside lever is always disengaged. Enter by key only. Inside lever is always unlocked. Clutch function is designed to disengage outside spindle from latch when in locked condition.
commercial door knob privacy lever function. Privacy Lock - Inside push button locks outside. Outside unlocked in emergency coin slot. Inside always free (unlocked).
commercial knob passage function image. Passage Set - Both outside and inside always unlocked. No locking mechanism.
Double Cylinder Knob - Keyed cylinder on both sides
Commercial knob dummy function image. Single Dummy Door Knobs - Dummy door knobs mount to the surface of the door. This is the perfect solution for ball catch doors or other applications where a latch mechanism is not needed, but the look of a doorknob is desired. Dummy door knobs are used on doors that do not have a bore hole in them already. If your door is prepped with a bore hole, this function will not work.


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Questions and Answers

Question how do i remove the old door knob?
Asked by:  - 6/1/2014
Question Well, i don't know what your old knob is but typically knobs are installed in two ways.

Exposed screws... just remove the screws from the inside of the door and the two halves will come off the door. Then just remove the latch.

Concealed screws... On the inside of the door, check at the base of the knob and there should be a small pin hole with a spring loaded piece of metal behind it. Depress that with a paper clip or something small and the knob will slide off. Then, you can twist off or gently pry the rosette off the mounting plate that sits behind it. Once you have those off you should be able to see the mounting screws that hold the two halves together and get it removed.

Good Luck! Answer provided by:  Jake (6/3/2014)
Question The photos of the EZset lockset shown on the website appear to be for a key lock rather than a twist fingerlock with external recess for releasing. Is the photo actually the same as the lockset or is it generic?
Asked by: Dean - 10/24/2016
Question This one is a privacy lockset, so there will be no key cylinder on the outside. There would be a turn button on the inside for locking, on the outside there is a pin hole for emergency egress unlocking. For keyed style, please refer to the keyed entrance function. Answer provided by:  Jake (10/24/2016)
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