I almost can't keep up with all the new stuff that on of our favorite brands, Emtek, comes out with! They are creating new things all the time. I think I like that... like a lot. It's fun to post about new things on the blog, otherwise it could be real boring. So what's new from Emtek now? They came out with a new lever called Emtek Hanover Stainless Steel Key in Lever.


It's a great looking lever right? Many of the Emtek levers are not available in keyed functions, because it would take away from the design. What I really like about the Hanover Lever, is that it was perfectly, and I am sure carefully designed so that the keyed cylinder doesn't take away from the sleek design of the lever. This key-in, stylish, contemporary design lever also has a brand new rosette! It's a new disc style that goes perfectly with the rest of the sleek design lever, adding to the look.

The Emtek Hanover Lever can easily be used on an exterior door with the keyed cylinder on the front, it's also available with as a dummy function, which works great for double doors if you have them. The lever is available in a stainless steel finish. Pair it with an Emtek Stylish deadbolt (and make sure you choose a stainless steel deadbolt to match the finish of this great new lever).

NOTE: You may not see the Hanover Lever on our site just yet because of how brand new this lever is, but please contact us if you would like to order it, we would love to place your order over the phone! And please remember all Emtek items are assembled per order and usually take around 7-10 business days before shipment.