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Stanley Pocket Door Hardware Kit

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Stanley Pocket Door Hardware Kit
Stanley Pocket Door Hardware Kit


Stanley Pocket Door Hardware Information

Save floor space or hide a door into the design and floor plan of your home by installing a pocket door. This pocket door kit is designed for a 3' wide and 6'8" tall door opening. The kit includes the pocket door track and other hardware needed to install a door slab onto the track. The kit does not include a door, or the finish materials needed to hide the door within the wall - like drywall and casing materials around the door. You may also want to purchase a pocket door lock to use to open and close the door once it is installed. Due to the size of this pocket door track, shipping is costly. There is a $25 surcharge for shipping this pocket door kit.

This Pocket Door Kit Includes

- 1 Header Tracker
- 1 Pair of Hangers
- 2 Guides
- 1 Bumper
- 1 Jamb Stud Set
- 1 Wrench
- 2 End Brackets
- 2 Base Plates.

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